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Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method

Introduction to the Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method
Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method Lesson 1
Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method Lesson 2
Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method Lesson 3

With repeated practise I have acquired a familiarity with the shape and flavour
of the symmetrical polyrhythms which I have identified as Ho Ho Chi
Based on my experience and for ease of classification
I have divided these Ho Ho Chi Polyrhythms into 5 distinct groups :
Meditation, Healing, Balance, Energy, and Celebration
... Although I make no claims as to their efficacy!

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Meditation Polyrhythms

Meditation rhythms contain the most space and are thus more meditative

Djeb Xalu
Hap Geera Im Haf Geera
Iwirra Ob Todor
Tier Ak Nurmo
Xet El Wex (Bass Guitar)

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Healing Polyrhythms

Healing rhythms are the most balanced group

Byan Siril
Hap Djeb El Hap Zera
Hap Zera Ob Hap Dak
Zera Xalu

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Balance Polyrhythms

Balance rhythms challenge left/right co-ordination and are in fact the least balanced group
Regular practise will hopefully improve your balance

Djeb Hap Geera
Djeb Oke
Djeb Polk
Tek Ak Haf Geera
Uwy Im Hap Tier

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Energy Polyrhythms

Energy rhythms are the most dense and thus require the most physical exertion

Djeb Geera
Djeb Uflook

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Celebration Polyrhythms

Celebration rhythms are probably the most intuitive and are therefore
the easiest to attempt in a mixed ability group

Cong Ob Grotam
Dak Ak Iwirra
Djeb Bazz
Djeb Iwirra
Djeb Nurmo
Geera Ak Ciol
Geera Ak Cong
Geera Ak Ghokuri
Hap Djeb Ak Aveel
Hap Zera Im Hap Dak
Hile Ak Kunzal
Iwirra Ak Treqi
Izasm Ak Hap Dak
Lowy Ak Obru
Raug Ak Hap Geera
Raug Ob Haf Djeb
Siril Ak Aveel
Tier Ak Haf Djeb
Toft Ak Vi
Toft El Haf Geera
Zera Ak Nigris
Zera El Nigris
Zera Joga

Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method • Polyrhythm Combinations

Cootu Polyrhythms
Djeb Izasm • Djeb Uwy
Fire Hand
Geera Ak • El Hap-Djeb • Siril
Geera Ak Hap Tala • Tan • Byan • Cootu • Eilon
Hap Djeb El Hap Zera • Hap Geera
Hap Djeb Im Inear and Hap Djeb Im Ulla
Hap Djeb Im Flay and Hap Djeb Im Exe
Hap Djeb Ob Haf Djeb and Hap Geera Im Haf Geera
Healing Yantra
Raqs Sharqi Belly Dance Polyrhythms
Raug Ak Era • Hap Djeb Ak Baye
Raug Ak Massa and Raug El Massa
Raug Ob Oddle and Hap Djeb Ob Oddle
Roth Ak Flay and Hap Djeb Im Bem
Roth Ak Vantu and Dak Ak Cib
Tan Polyrhythms
Tek Ak Iwube • Tek Im Assa
Tier Ak Xet and Djeb Xet
Tier Im Doodit and Tier Ak Blut
Toft Ak Irisingai • Iwube
Zera Ak • El Roth • Tier

Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Original Songs & Instrumentals

Blue Song
Venisonburger Remix at the Greek Taverna