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Michèle Heidi Sutton • Sheela-na-gig

Sheela-na-gig image T-shirt Dizign

Sheela-na-gig T-Shirt Dizign

This feisty Sheela-na-gig is my contemporary interpretation of those originally carved in stone and often found on churches & castles throughout Europe and dating from the pre-christian era. For me, she represents an active, female, Shakti spirit, imbued with the power of sacred creativity. Her elements are Fire and Air.

Her origin is uncertain. Some suggest that she was intended to ward off the devil - clearly, there is nothing more terrifying than female genitalia! Many believe that she symbolised creation and fertility. Sheela-na-gig was frequently positioned beside doorways where visitors could rub her vulva for good luck before entering! Give it a try - it always works for me!