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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method

The heartbeat of Ho Ho Chi provides the seed pulse from which all subsequent rhythms are born

If you could throw away all musical forms, forget them and write or play a completely new music uninfluenced by what you have learned in the past, what structures might you use to divide
noise back into music again?

The Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method is the first step on a path towards a completely new music for the
21st century. Previous experience is irrelevant to this entirely new approach which will, I hope
prove a valuable tool for both popular and classical musicians, as well as anyone with
a curious mind and a sense of adventure

I have spent several years playing and cataloguing thousands of previously undiscovered
rhythms and polyrhythms and I am now ready to pass on my discoveries

To help you find a way through this vast labyrinth of rhythms I have classified them into
5 distinct groups according to their properties
These groups are: Meditation, Healing, Balance, Energy and Celebration

Meditation rhythms contain the most space and are thus more meditative

Healing rhythms are the most balanced group

Balance rhythms challenge left/right co-ordination and are in fact the least balanced group
Regular practise will hopefully improve your balance

Energy rhythms are the most dense and thus require the most physical exertion

Celebration rhythms are probably the most intuitive and are therefore
the easiest to attempt in a mixed ability group

Previous experience is irrelevant
Start your journey here by practising Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Exercises

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