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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Recordings

In Ho Ho Chi Heaven we are committed to using the finest ingredients
Consequently our CD recordings are of the highest quality and
will not sound at their best when compressed into MP3 format

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Listen to Morbius in MP3 format 38206 kb

Morbius CD - £ 10.00

Thumbnail of Pen Llyn Timescrapes CD cover image

Pen Llyn Timescrapes

Listen to Rhedeg I'r Mor in MP3 format 4223 kb

Pen Llyn Timescrapes CD - £ 8.00

Thumbnail of Celtic Soundscrapes CD cover image

Celtic Soundscrapes

Listen to The Chessboard of Gwenddolau in MP3 format 3147 kb

Celtic Soundscrapes CD - £ 10.00