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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Ho Ho Chi Harmony

If you could throw away all musical forms, forget them & write or play
a completely new music uninfluenced by what you have learned in the past
what structures might you use to translate noise back into music again?
Ho Ho Chi Harmony is the second step on a path towards a new music
appropriate to the 21st century, the first being Rhythm
which I address in The Ho Ho Chi Rhythm Method

Somewhere between the C16th and C18th, the concept of Equal Temperament
was developed & ever since, semitones on western instruments are all of equal size
Based on the harmonic series (the overtones implicit in natural sounds)
I have devised a map of all possible relationships between chords and keys
opening up the world of music to many new interpretations and structures

You do not require any previous experience to enjoy this entirely new approach
which will I hope, prove to be a valuable tool for both popular & classical musicians
as well as for anyone with a curious mind and a thirst for adventure 

Ho Ho Chi Harmony provides the basis for countless new musical forms
Begin your journey now by practising some of the Ho Ho Chi Harmony Exercises

Ho Ho Chi Harmony Cards

To help you find your way around the world of Ho Ho Chi Harmony
I have devised a simple set of six laminated navigation cards
which come with full instructions for use

This tool opens up a full range of harmonic possibilities
far beyond the confines of traditional music theory

I can promise you an enjoyable and rewarding adventure!