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Ho Ho Chi Happenings • Summer 2022

ClitorArty - Crafty Creativity with Yoni Creatrix Michele Heidi Sutton

Enter the Womb of Creativity and discover what no one ever tells you about our Glorious Gorgeousness

Laugh, chat, craft, share and learn about ladybits!

ClitorArty exists to educate and empower within a context of mindful creativity and sharing. Discover some little known facts about our secret anatomy, sexual health & pleasure; increase awareness of difference as normal; break down taboos and inhibitions, and have a lot of crafty fun
If you have ever fancied embroidering a yoni, making a vadge or a hair clit, a ClitorArty Party is just what you need!
All materials, fabric, templates, embroidery threads/fabric/bling/beads etc are provided but if you have any special bits and bobs you would like to incorporate into your unique artwork, please feel free to bring them along.
Available for red tents, festivals, women's groups, private workshops etc. No experience necessary

ClitorArty Parties are for everyone (14+)book now

Goddess - styrofoam relief print


Michele Heidi Sutton • Open Studio

You are invited to meet the artist, view new work in progress
discuss techniques and buy original artwork

The studio is open by appointment throughout the year

Creatrix Pyrography Detail

Ho Ho Rhythm Master - Chaparral Andrew Hodges

Polyrhythmic Tuition, Original Music, Demonstrations, Workshops

Hand of Ho