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Michèle Heidi Sutton • Creative Confidence Coach

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Stuck in a creative rut? Are you finding it difficult to move a particular project forward?
Having trouble finishing a project or beginning new work? Do you feel the Muse has deserted you?
Have you always wanted to explore your creativity but lack confidence in your own ability?
Does the reality of your creative life seem a long way from your dreams?

I have been an artist all my life. As a child, my imagination ran free and wild and I chose to pursue it with a passion. As I grew older, I was increasingly expected to justify my creativity and to get a 'proper' job. On leaving college I became apprentice to a jewellery designer who exploited my trusting nature and ripped me off. I then worked for several years as a community artist, running a variety of creativity workshops and courses, including the very successful Oxford Women's Music Workshop. I taught saxophone while raising my young family and spent some time honing my patience and diplomacy techniques. I have continued to develop my own creative practise throughout

Since 1999 I have been self employed as an artist and facilitator, my path having once again brought me into contact with my bliss. Helping people to overcome their creative blocks and challenges is my speciality
I am available for demonstrations, workshops, talks, personal consultations,
email coaching and tuition in North Wales