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Michèle Heidi Sutton • Creatrix

Ho Ho Chi Heaven is situated close to the tip of the Llyn Peninsula in North West Wales
Surrounded in three directions by the Irish sea, by the mountains of Snowdonia in the Northeast,
and overhead, by a vast expanse of ever changing sky. Earth's magic is very present here

My creative work is an imaginative interpretation of the Divine Feminine and our relationship
to and with her. I am driven by curiosity and inspired by the ever changing cycles of birth, death
and transformation. I believe that our lives can be enriched by opening ourselves to
the liminal realms which surround us

I am a daughter, mother, lover, artist, teacher, creative facilitator and shaman creatrix
Entering into the sacred sexuality of Nature in all her creative and destructive splendour
I seek to weave stories, adventures, myths and magic, to breathe, sing, dance, drum
and dream into being the essential spirit of Ho Ho Chi

Michele Heidi Sutton portrait