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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Pen Llyn Timescrapes CD

Made by layering sine waves onto the backs of other sine waves, to create a palette
of extraordinary timbres enabling me to paint these local scenes in sound
I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoy the scenery

All compositions created and performed by Chaparral Andrew Hodges

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Ysbrydiau’r Eglwys - Haunted Church

On the edge of the village of Sarn Mellteyrn lie the remains of the haunted church
On Halloween night, fantastic spirits begin their dance as a ghostly bell chimes the hour ...

Rhedeg I’r Môr - Running to the sea

From the mountain top, down along the rugged Dyffryn valley, onto the beach,
out across the sand, into the cool, crystal water of the Irish Sea

Castell Garn Fadryn - Garn Fadryn Castle

From the ruined summit, the panoramic view across Snowdonia and over the Irish sea
is easily worth the steep climb. The eagles fly here from Y’r Wyddfa
They have an easier journey and an even better view