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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Morbius CD

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Morbius exists as a evolving entity in many guises. Each new version is based on
a single, structured, improvisation and is contained within a 42 minute loop

During the improvisation I use a variety of echoes related by simple polyrhythms
eg: at one point there may be 3 echoes running across 4
at another point there may be 5 echoes running across 4
This enables different parts of the improvisation to fit together in a structured but organic fashion

The loop is designed to be played against itself, always out of phase by different amounts of time
The partial keys change and engage differently in each version, and the combined rhythmic structures
weave a web upon which an unfolding series of musical episodes hang
Morbius takes us on a unique sensual journey, telling a new story with each reincarnation
This version is my personal favourite - so far!