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Chaparral Andrew Hodges • Celtic Soundscrapes CD

Hidden long ago by Merlin the magician in a secret cave on the remote isle of Enlli, the Thirteen Treasures of Ancient Britain lie buried. Protected by enchantments they await Arthur’s return ...

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The Sword of Rydderch Hael

Etched into the edge of the sword is the memory of each blow.
Does it ring with a song of freedom, a call to battle, or a funeral dirge?
Bass, Guitar, Keyboard

The Hamper of Gwyddno Garanhir

A vast sumptuous feast is packed inside the magic hamper - more than enough to feed
many weary wanderers along the roadside
Keyboard, Ladder, Percussion - Withies by Michèle Heidi Sutton

The Drinking Horn of Bran

The horn dispenses unlimited intoxication ... strange dreams ...
adventures into other realms ... rude awakenings!
Keyboard, Vocals - additional Vocals by Michèle Heidi Sutton

The Chariot of Morgan

Holding tightly onto the reins, our journey takes us through many strange lands
as we travel life’s path. Frequently our destination is not as we anticipated
However, the outcome may still surprise and delight us ...

During the recording of this piece my old Moog synthesiser finally met it’s end
Those last atonal groans and squeals were definitely not the destination I envisaged at the outset!
Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

The Halter of Clytho Eiddyn

In order to summon your dream horse while you sleep, hang the enchanted halter from the
end of your bed overnight and canter through the unconscious realms ...
Bass, Keyboard, Indian Drum, Jaws Harp

The Knife of Llaw Frodedd

The subtle knife brings clarity. Picking apart, cutting through, piercing, carving, shaping,
each mark unique. The enchanted knife will prepare food for a host of hungry men
Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard

The Cauldron of Dyrnwch

Dyrnwch’s cauldron conjures recipes from long ago with echoes of exotic scents
and tastes beyond our imaginings
It spans the hungry gap between yearning and satisfaction, but will not cook the meat of a coward
Keyboard - Live at Ho Ho Chi Heaven

The Whetstone of Tudwal Tydglyd

A whetstone usually sharpens, but in unskilled hands can also blunt
As stone sings, bellows pump and hammers ring, a deadly sword is born
Keyboards, Whistling - with Bath, Toilet and Coffee grinder by Michèle Heidi Sutton

The Coat of Padarn Redcoat

Padarn’s red coat offers protection from the elements and may only be worn by a true nobleman
Bass, Bazouki, Ocarina

The Crock of Rhygenydd

Contained within the depths of the crock, beneath the swirling water, nourishing visions begin to form
Keyboard - with Saxophone and Bombard by Michèle Heidi Sutton

The Dish of Rhygenydd

As the meal is consumed we are transported into the extraordinary scenes
described in the ornate decorations around the rim
Keyboards, Bells - with Ankle bells and Dancing by Michèle Heidi Sutton

The Chessboard of Gwenddolau

It is probably a Gwydl Ball board but who’s counting?
While the magic chessboard plays itself, it spins stories of other worlds
Bass, Keyboard, Dharbuka, Vocal - additional Vocal by Michèle Heidi Sutton

Arthur's Cloak of invisibility

Tales of previous owners are woven into the fabric. If you wear the cloak for too long
you will lose touch with your own reality
Guitar, Keyboard

All compositions created and performed by Chaparral Andrew Hodges unless otherwise credited